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XL VOIP Phone System

Manage your Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) with ease and security. We have a selection of affordable business phones that can be deployed in a day. Once you connect to the internet, they are ready to use. There are no headaches with the phone system, since Xone Labs will be managing the digital phones. Any issues that may arise, Xone Labs is here to support your business, home, or remote worker.  

If these have an IP address, these phones can also be protected with our endpoint service. Another layer of security to keep yor peace of mind from cyberattacks.


Why do we need endpoint protection with VOIP?

Endpoint security protection minimizes the risk of the network attacks which take advantage of the employees through social engineering and phishing emails.  With industry leading threat intelligence and next-generation protection , the fast deployment scans help you lower software conflicts  and TCO. Save the time and money while having the best security protection for your business or home.

Your phones would be protected on top of another layer of service with the XL Endpoint Protection plan.  Before this is implemented, we need to make sure your current network is ready for VOIP.   Call us or send us a message. We will gladly explain the process. 

For remote workers, the VOIP endpoint security can also be applied and used at the privacy of the employee's home. 

The endpoint protection runs the on Google Cloud Platform

The endpoint protection runs on the Google Cloud platform (GCP) for increased security, performance, and availability. This automatically includes the Google's enabled DoS system for prevention and mitigation system to stop the internet traffic before it infects the devices. 


“We're a small and growing tech company with high expectations. We look forward to meeting you and protecting your team from malware and malicious internet sites. We will help you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! Let's get started!

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