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The projects range from IT design & Support, PCB design, Microwave design, App iOS design, to full prototype design. 
Always ready for the taking. Not afraid.


Xone Labs Inc. is a small company from Southern California located in San Diego and other cities. The goal is to have the company get involved with diverse teams which will eventually turn up something innovative or patentable. Our teams are priviledged to have the best and know the best talent in the industry. If we do not yet know people who have super expertise in a particular field or market, we will seek them out eventually. We are a small group which will always strive for the best customer service, the best product development, and with the highest quality.


Working side by side.


When startups approach us with challenging projects, we chat with them, and let them know right away if we can start on it now or if we just do not have the resources to initiate the project at the moment. Remember, quality over quantity. We do not work with too many clients to deter us from our mission to give the very best engineering work possible.

What expertise or skills or talent?


Given the under taking of the project, the project plan is analyzed, discussed, and prioritized based on the budget plan and resources available before tipping the starting point in full throttle. The customer expectations need to be very clear, an expected level of the team's skill set is agreed upon, and industry certifications need to be taken into consideration. Third party expertise could be suggested or used, if the talent pool is not sufficient. 

Final product or service?


Xone Labs Inc. will always have a combined effort of 100+ years of combined experience which will support the final end product or service end product. The deliverable will be complete with a full introspect survey of the issues seen throughout the process. This evaluation questionnaire survey is created to ensure our integrity and reputation for future services that may entail with the same client or other clients.



Photos from CES 2020


Xone Labs Inc. attended CES 2020 in Vegas. It was exciting to see different startups with a high variety of innovative products from all over the world.

We are going again to CES 2021. See you there!